Meet Mona Lisa

More About Me...

Brown Chihuahua Mix
Age: 5 years 7 weeks
House Trained: Yes
Good with Kids: Yes Over 6
Good with Cats: Unsure
Good with Dogs: Yes

Mona Lisa is a 3 year old, 12 lb Chihuahua mix. She is a sweet, adorable little dog that loves to be petted. Her favorite spot is on her chest, and she will gladly snuggle up to you, and roll over for a chest rub at anytime. Mona is crate trained, and willingly goes in when foster mom goes to work. She is housebroken and has learned to use the doggie door. She prefers to sleep with her people if allowed, and likes to burrow under the covers. Sometimes, she will sleep with her head on a pillow, just like a person, so cute!! She gets along great with the Schnauzer in her foster home and also the teenage kids. Mona is not much of a barker, but will bark when someone comes to the door. Mona has a luxating patella (floating kneecap). We have consulted a vet, and there is no recommended corrective surgery. She gets around just fine, but her rear end droops a little because her back legs don't support her 100%.