Meet Sprite

More About Me...

Brown & White Dachshund/Chihuahua Mix
Age: 1 year 8 weeks
House Trained: Unsure
Good with Kids: Yes Over 6
Good with Cats: Unsure
Good with Dogs: Yes

Sprite is an adorable little 3 month old Dachshund/Chihuahua mix puppy weighing in at just 3 lbs. He got his name because he was brought in to the shelter in an empty Sprite box. The name has stuck and is fitting because he is very, very energetic! He loves to bounce around and play with his much larger foster dog brother nonstop. Like typical puppies, he likes to put everything in his mouth, so he will need bones and toys to keep him occupied. Sprite is crate trained and is great about sleeping through the night in his crate in his foster parents' bedroom. He loves people so much that he often cries when left alone, but his foster parents are working on this with him and he is getting more and more used to it. He finds classical or other soft music calming when left alone. He is not fully house trained yet, but his foster parents leave him in a play pen when not supervised and he is awesome about using a pee pad if he has to go. Sprite will make a fun and loving companion to a lucky family who wants an energetic young pup.