Meet Charlie

More About Me...

Cream Cavalier Spaniel/Chihuahua
Age: 1 year 9 months
House Trained: Yes
Good with Kids: Yes Over 6
Good with Cats: Unsure
Good with Dogs: Yes

Charlie is a 1 year old, 8.5 lb Spaniel/Chihuahua mix. His breed mix is just our best guess. When Humane Tomorrow first pulled him from a local shelter, he was very underweight and seemed very calm and laid-back. He's gained one whole pound in his foster home, but that one pound makes a big difference on such a little guy. Charlie has also gained a lot of personality! He likes to play with toys and will toss them up in the air and go get them. He can get a case of the zoomies when he goes outside in the backyard on nice weather days, and he can run fast! He is still an affectionate pup too. He likes to lie beside foster mom when she watches TV. He sleeps in bed with her at night, and likes to sleep under the covers at the foot of the bed. He stays in his crate when foster mom leaves the house, and he goes in willingly when offered a treat. Charlie gets along with the other dogs in his foster home, but they are too old to have any interest in playing with him. He tries to play with the cat, and sometimes the cat plays back. He will probably annoy a cat that is not used to living with dogs. He can be shy with people at first, but he warms up quickly, especially if treats are involved! He loves rides in the car, and will hop in if the car door is open. Charlie walks ok on a leash, and he will continue to improve if a harness is used.